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Creating a Retro Grunge Flyer
10. 8. 2008 in Photoshop | 0 Comments | Author: | 4843 clicks
Contrary to what you may think, it is fairly easy to create that retro grunge effect and apply it youíre your marketing media. This guide will help you understand and learn about the tricks in achieving that design.
How to Create Your Own Fractal-Style Design Using Photoshop
10. 8. 2008 in Photoshop | 0 Comments | Author: | 4623 clicks
Fractals in geometric terms, is a pattern or figure that can be split into parts, each of which is (at least approximately) a reduced-size copy of the whole. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create your own ďfractalĒ-style design.
Designing a Retro Flyer with Photoshop
10. 8. 2008 in Photoshop | 0 Comments | Author: | 800 clicks
Creating retro designs is pretty easy when youíre using Adobe Photoshop. Here, you will learn how to do this yourself based on a primary image. We will start with setting up a proper print-ready design then proceed to image processing and finish with the right design details for our flyer.
Create a Vintage Business Card Design in Photoshop
10. 8. 2008 in Photoshop | 0 Comments | Author: | 4150 clicks
If you want to be a bit thematic with your business card and go vintage, you will need some special design tricks to get this done. You will find that itís quite easy to design and customize your own knockout business card with a few free resources from the Internet.
Creating and Printing Impressive Typographic Business Card
10. 8. 2008 in Illustrator | 81 Comments | Author: | 4601 clicks
Today we are going to learn about Typography and proper file set up for a business card. We are going to use professional standards of typography, color, layout, and file setup. Along the way, any new designers out there should learn a few things that will help with any project that has to go to print or be mass produced.
15 Wonderful Examples of Photography Postcards
10. 8. 2008 in Photoshop | 0 Comments | Author: | 863 clicks
Sending postcards to friends and relatives is a great way to stay in touch with them. If you are planning to send one, you might as well send something that will make an impression Ė like a photography postcard.
15 Creative Die-Cut Postcards
10. 8. 2008 in Photoshop | 0 Comments | Author: | 855 clicks
Postcards are still an excellent tool for marketing, but itís tough to stand out from the junk mail. A glossy finish, bold or bright colors, and an appealing design are all ways to add interest; but have you ever thought to change the shape of your postcards?
Best Free Christmas Vectors for Holiday Design
10. 8. 2008 in Photoshop | 0 Comments | Author: | 914 clicks
Itís Christmas and vectors are the easiest file types to work with simply because you can use them on anything from postcards to greeting cards or even your website. This collection runs the gammut of designs from fun to stylized and everything in between.
455+ Random Brushes for Unusual Design Needs
10. 8. 2008 in Photoshop | 0 Comments | Author: | 1952 clicks
Are you in the mood for a Photoshop brush roundup to elicit creativity? Or do you need a very unique brush for your next project? While this collection is a bit random (and remember, all brushes below are free!), itís a great place to look for brushes you may otherwise have never come across.
10 Wonderful Holiday Postcard Design Inspirations for Christmas
10. 8. 2008 in Photoshop | 0 Comments | Author: | 830 clicks
The holiday season is just around the corner. If you are planning to share greetings to friends, relatives and even business associates, now would be the best time to prepare your holiday postcards.
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